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Buying Online Tickets is the way to go!!
The benefits are: - Go to the event anytime -(it's $20 before 2:30 and it is $25 after) Secure getting in for $20 by buying an advanced ticket!
- You Do NOT have to wait in line! - Save money on every ticket! - Free KOTD mag signed by ORGANIK with receipt
How to Purchase your tickets.. ITS EASY!!
1) Go to the Online Store and click online tickets 2) Click the button to buy 1,3 or 4 tickets via Paypal., 3) Print out your receipt or write down the transaction number 4) Come to the event anytime during the show and present your receipt to the bouncer.
How this works.. By having the buy now buttons from our paypal this allows customers to quickly buy tickets and save money to our events. After you purchase the tickets you will come to the event with your receipt it will be matched with our records. The transaction Number, Your name and Email are all verified for proof of purchase.
Thank you for supporting KOTD! JUNE 18th will be EPIC! LETS GOOO!!