@KingOfTheDot - #Vengeance2 - @DNA_GTFOH vs @TheSaurus831
      Hosted By: @OrganikHipHop, @GullyTK, @LushOne, @Lemme_Kno, @CharlieClips & @ReverenceNS

      As the self described “father of the entire scene”, battle rap legend The Saurus is not too far off base with that claim. One of the few who maintain a battle career that has spanned nearly a decade, Saurus is described as a legend for good reason. Based in the West Coast, The Saurus was originally noteworthy for his freestyle abilities, years ahead of his time in that regard. After winning Scribble Jam twice based off of his skill in this area, the Monterey, CA resident went on to partner with Portland battler Illmaculate for the Jumpoff World Rap Championship competition. Winning it back to back years, The Saurus, along with teammate Illmac, solidified his position in battle rap history as arguably the best freestyler in the world. Transitioning to the written era, his reputation earned him battles with some of the best in the world, and he has shown as much skill in this era as the previous. Extremely in demand, he has traveled all over the world to battle top competition such as Pat Stay, Matter, Cortez, and Cruger, to name only a few. A fan favorite in King of the Dot, The Saurus has appeared in the Canadian league many times, and is now back to take on one of his toughest opponents yet in DNA, at Vengeance 2.
      DNA is proof that age does not necessarily reflect skill level. One of the youngest battlers in the game today, the New York City battle rapper has already reached a level that many battlers spend their whole career attempting to reach. Getting his start in the East Coast division of Grind Time, DNA started out battling tough opponents such as Rone and Loe Pesci. Having experienced tremendous growth over the years, the rising star has seen an increase in both his fanbase and his demand; with leagues all over the world requesting him for battles. Having recently returned from Don’t Flop and with plans to travel to Australia to battle, DNA has marketed himself brilliantly and is now one of the most in demand battlers in the world. Most frequently seen on the URL stage, DNA is certainly the youngest battler to headline on a URL card. Apart from his URL battles, DNA is also a regular in King of the Dot, with classic performances against Dizaster and Eurgh. Mixing hard hitting bars with a venomous delivery, DNA is also one of the best freestylers battling today. Taking on The Saurus in what is one of the most requested matches of all time, DNA is returning to KOTD for the third time to feature in this main event battle from Vengeance 2.

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      @KingOfTheDot - #Vengeance2 - @DNA_GTFOH vs @TheSaurus831
      Hosted By: @OrganikHipHop, @GullyTK, @LushOne, @Lemme_Kno, @CharlieClips & @ReverenceNS

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      1. Remarkable's Avatar
        Remarkable -
        Damn, this was a great battle. Have nothing but respect for both Thesaurus and DNA. DNA definitely deserves a shot at Arcane. I gave DNA this battle 2-1 with DNA taking rounds 1 & 3. Both were great though...DNA's wordplay is just on another level.
      1. lakim shabazz's Avatar
        lakim shabazz -
        yooooo after watchign suaruss perfromance in this i say(will prb neveeeerrr go down)
        The Suarus vs Loaded Lux
        both are fuckign rap nerds and veterans at this shiiit.

        dna's third>>>

        i cant call it right now...
        for sure watchign this again and again.
      1. DjN215's Avatar
        DjN215 -
        Such a wack crowd wow.. Looked like they were sleeping .. Pains me to say this, but I had DNA 2-1.. Good battle tho. Thought 'Saurus was a little off, but still did a good job .
      1. rog1dj's Avatar
        rog1dj -
        Thesaurus won this battle 2-1. His first round predicted DNA's main angles and cut their impact. Same way he did with Cruger and his ex girl. The sarcastic gun bars Thesaurus did at the beginning of round 2 kept the battle more fun than intense and that benefits Thesaurus. DNA got the 3rd because he controlled the crowd and got good reaction with some good lines. But no way Thesaurus didn't win.

        Oh...and DNA needs to have a judged battle before he can get a title shot. Can't have a title shot with a record of 0-0.
      1. Moe's Avatar
        Moe -
        Sick battle! DNAs third was murda. Saurus got slept on alot. His shit was dope, he had a crazy first!

        The crowd was awesome btw!
      1. ITZDMB's Avatar
        ITZDMB -
        DNA took it 2-1
      1. Shini's Avatar
        Shini -
        Lyrically, The Saurus was hitting harder and on point despite people sleeping on lines that would make a full crowd go nuts. He also had more complicated rebuttals. DNA asking for a title shot in every round was a little corny. He already made it clear in his intro he wanted Arcane to battle, but DNA has phenomenal freestyle ability nonetheless. The only thing that disappointed me about this matchup was the crowd reactions.
      1. eMc K's Avatar
        eMc K -
        Battle was all around good and The Saurus put it best in the post-interview: It was more "ooooooh" type reactions than room cheering, but that doesn't mean they slept on everything.

        DNA had a good performance no doubt, but I still stand by my statement of him not having done enough to get that title shot, or a #1 Contender match.

        Great battle all around, once again.
      1. UgoStrange's Avatar
        UgoStrange -
        That 3rd round from DNA was INSANE. Thesaurus didn't get slept on in my opinion, I don't think any of his bars were shouting material, like he said they were the more Screw Face, Nod along material. That being said I got DNA 2-1. Thesaurus definitely took that 1st round in my opinion. Great battle!
      1. DeeezNuuuts83's Avatar
        DeeezNuuuts83 -
        The crowd was kind of dead, as there were a lot of things that they didn't really react to from both of them. It sounded like there were ten people there.

        Anyway, DNA 2-1, though Thesaurus wasn't a slouch here (though that's not saying I thought it was Saurus at his best either). For once I thought his performance and delivery was pretty good compared to how he normally does it. And even in the rounds that DNA won, he had some nice shit, like that Erykah Badu thing. And that Vitamin D shit in the second round was clever. But DNA's third round was HARD...

        "You're white, I'm black, who do you think had it harder, nigga?"

        That one line right there, while it's not so complicated, had a pretty solid impact. You saw it on everyone's faces, whether they were black or white.

        Props to both of them. Thesaurus's flow has gotten better, and it needed to be against someone like DNA who has crazy energy. But he needs to end his rounds stronger.
      1. Moe's Avatar
        Moe -
        Btw! No get him the fuck outta here???
      1. M.E.'s Avatar
        M.E. -
        I gave it 2-1 DNA with him taking the 1st by a bit but by a lot in that 3rd round like DNA was HAM

        I thought that they both did they're things I was hoping for a stronger showing from Thesarus but overall still a good battle. The crowd was kinda boring not a lot happened which is getting disappointing but I guess as long as they aren't booing the MCS oh wait...

        As for DNA getting a title shot, I think he definitely needs a judged battle under his belt and obviously he would have to win but I think right now there are more deserving people that want the chain and my top 2 for the chain would probably be Charron and Loe Pesci and so I think with that whole 10K battle shit it should be Charron VS Arcane for the chain then Loe Pecsi VS DNA for the contenders match
      1. DeeezNuuuts83's Avatar
        DeeezNuuuts83 -
        That's more of his URL thing anyway, even if he did it on KOTD before. Plus you don't want to always use it so people don't predict it and try to use it against you, then it gets redundant, especially if your opponent says it before you and in a funnier way, like what K-Shine did. Because when you hear it again, it's like, oh this shit again here we go get 'em the fuck outta here yeah yeah yeah.

        Plus looking at how dead that crowd was, who knows if people would've said it with DNA anyway, at least with energy. Maybe he cut it out on the fly, seeing how they were half assing their responses anyway.
      1. dontpraiseme's Avatar
        dontpraiseme -
        dna's third was wack. self-victimizing cheap shock value bullshit. and the saurus pushed diaz for interrupting, not mentioning his dad.
      1. DeeezNuuuts83's Avatar
        DeeezNuuuts83 -
        But it was effective. Thesaurus pushing the guy was a little silly, he wasn't even interrupting that bad. I remember watching it and thinking it was more out of frustration than anything else.
      1. Ekelon's Avatar
        Ekelon -
        DNA 2-1.

        If a dude can still hold the chain after being exposed as a pathetic fraud bitch, then DNA should be able to have a title shot with. 0-0 KOTD record.
        After all, if they were judged he'd have won them anyway, just did them a favor and saved them a loss.
      1. The_Vark's Avatar
        The_Vark -
        wow .... i never use this word but ... classic

        1. tie
        2. Thesaurus
        3. DNA if i had to pick i might edge it 2 saurus but i need to watch again
      1. Seanzo's Avatar
        Seanzo -
        I wish the audio quality was better on the pay per view. This was much, much better to watch than when I ordered it. I know that there's work done to this (rendering quality footage isn't a job that can be done in one day), but I feel like I miss a lot of great material when I find it a struggle to catch all the lines.

        DNA's third? G'damn what a strong angle. Thesaurus's lines in this were also really dope, but he didn't perform as well as DNA, in my eyes. Good up on him for catching DNA with some of his weak and predictable word play (not that this performance had much of it, but he does have his groan worthy moments).
      1. TonyD's Avatar
        TonyD -
        Great battle, but Saurus clearly took that.

        He got the first two fairly easily, I thought.

        The third was real close. I'd edge it to DNA, but it wasn't like his round bodied Saurus'.

        I honestly gotta watch it back to make a really clear decision on everything, but after the one watch though, that's how I felt.

        I'd say this was DNA weakest performance in KOTD so far. Not saying he didn't do well, but his first two rounds were just a little "eh" to me. Part of that being the fact that there were so many similarities with the name flips/wordplay, but also just being that he didn't seem to be "all there" if that makes any sense.

        And, yeah, if DNA should not get a shot at the chain until he takes some judged battles. Like, at least two. If Cane is down to battle on some promo shit, by all means, set the battle up. Just because he's champ doesn't mean he should only battle in title matches. I mean, Tony D is the DF champ and he's taking on Clips soon.

        But I guess Ganik doesn't want another Hollohan/Saurus situation...

        KOTD should set up a DNA vs Rone Rematch. Both cats were basically newbies when they battled in GT. Seeing them go at it now would be crazy.
      1. dontpraiseme's Avatar
        dontpraiseme -
        Quote Originally Posted by DeeezNuuuts83 View Post
        But it was effective. Thesaurus pushing the guy was a little silly, he wasn't even interrupting that bad. I remember watching it and thinking it was more out of frustration than anything else.
        yeah he was. him and po both were finishing their lines. thesaurus pushed diaz really out of illmac's frustration. thesaurus was mid-bar when illmac said "shut the fuck homie, for real". i think thesaurus was just feeding off of illmac's energy/being a good partner.


        dna's first round was completely dwarfed by thesaurus' first. thesaurus had the predicted angle in his favor AND better peter wordplay.

        the saurus is just a better rapper, to be honest. dna can't hold my attention. he just sounds like a whiny bitch instead of attacking, which i'll gladly take the blame for.
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