@KingOfTheDot - @MRDIZASTER vs @905Arcane
      Hosted By: @OrganikHipHop, @Drake, & @GullyTK

      One of only two Americans to have ever held the chain, Dizaster is one of the most entertaining battlers to have appeared in King of the Dot. Always bringing an over to the top energetic performance, the California resident makes use of spastic freestyles and creative written angles to pick apart his opponents. Having earned his spot as one of the best active battlers in todayís circuit, Dizaster has performed all over the world, taking on challengers in Australia, Canada, England, the Netherlands, and Sweden. Being in such demand has refined Dizís skills, allowing him to develop a higher caliber of battling against opponents from all over the world. With a resume that includes names such as TheSaurus, Illmaculate, DNA and Canibus, Diz has faced off against some of the best in the game and has always made it competitive. Hoping to defend his title from Grand Prix champ Arcane.
      As the only Canadian to have won the 1 vs. 1 Grand Prix, Arcane is in the familiar position of battling the current KOTD Champion for the chain. After tearing through the 2010 bracket, the 905 representative continued to build his name, battling overseas in Donít Flop and participating in various King of the Dot events, often headlining the cards. As one of the eight seeded battlers in the 2012 Grand Prix, Arcane did not have an easy road, but managed to take down Step Easy, Luciano Crakk, 100 Bulletz, and Chedda Cheese in the finals to earn another shot at the title. Utilizing his newest recurring theme of breaking down his opponents with their own styles, Arcane showed each opponent on his way to Dizaster how it was supposed to be done. Back in the ring with the possibility to be the only battler to have held the chain on more than one occasion, Arcane will have his hands full as he faces off against one of the most volatile and dangerous battlers in the world, this match was one of the most controversial of Blackout 3.

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      @KingOfTheDot - @MRDIZASTER vs @905Arcane
      Hosted By: @OrganikHipHop, @Drake, & @GullyTK

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      1. Remarkable's Avatar
        Remarkable -
        Arcane, 3-0
      1. Oobe's Avatar
        Oobe -
        Arcane 10-0

        RIP Dizaster.
      1. eMc K's Avatar
        eMc K -
        Aight I'ma write this as I watch it. I wanna give Diz round 1 because I just wasn't feeling Arcane, but from then on, I've seen Diz be a fucking diva. If your shit EVER gets to the point that MINDBENDER is yelling angry and Organik says: "He's always ruining my shit," there's a problem. Now back to the video cause I've just got past that.

        Organik giving lectures on respect too... SMDH Diz. He shouldn't have to treat his battlers like fucking children.

        Aight so round 2 I'm gonna give to Cane... cause Diz was a 13 year old through the whole thing.
        Something I will note though, Cane's hometown was in the spot deep. Reactions were a bit overdone for some bars.

        Beginning of the third for Diz... just... pathetic. The only reason someone would resort to some shit like that is because you know you're losing and you want to try to seem dope. I'm questioning if I should even finish his third. But something to note is that the crowd DID react when the line was dope. So a biased crowd isn't a large excuse.

        Arc welder scheme was nice. Robocop aim filler was nice. Diz round 3 was decent. Not above average though.

        Cane round 3: camera scheme was dope. Spoke some true shit about Diz D-riding URL after he got crowned. Sister kitchen scheme was dope. Diz making faces again, acting 13. DNA Crown back scheme also dope.

        Okay so after the battle, here's what I have to say. I'm incredibly disappointed in the kind of champ that Diz turned out to be. He used to be my favorite in the league, but he let his supposed fame get to him like he had a hollywood pedigree. He disrespected the league, didn't say what he really means and now he doesn't have the chain to his name. I wanted him to be the guy that defended it because frankly I hated Arcane. A lot at that. But I started seeing him just rip through the tourney and I grew some respect for him. And JUST like when Diz was battling PoRICH, I thought: "I hope he honestly prepares, or he's gonna lose." Same situation. Diz wasn't ready for Cane and I don't think he'll ever really become a respectable battler again. Just like people are giving Cane shit for buying bars, allegedly, people should give Diz shit for being a disloyal, hypocritical diva.

        Final words: 2-1 or 3-0 Arcane.
        ~ eMc K
      1. alexrocky's Avatar
        alexrocky -
        your an idiot, it was not 3-0. bars ghost
      1. Akkilla's Avatar
        Akkilla -
        tough to call, Dizaster should have had this easily and even still i think he won. I'm sorry but the almost all Canadian judging panel loses credibility in an international match... I guess I'll await the statement.
      1. krobbins's Avatar
        krobbins -
        Hard to watch at times. Battle had so much potential and came up short due to diz's long intro... not explaining the buying bars situation well, diz acting like a bitch throughout, the crowd overreacting to Arc and shittin' on Diz. Some good bars and had its moments but had the potential to be a big time classic, best of KOTD battle and was annoying and average in the end.
      1. shit talk extraordinaire's Avatar
        you want to talk about losing credibility, talk about how diz handled himself.. even if the judges were all americans, cane would have got the win. funny cause this battle almost parallels a battle between two women diz judged, where one person was getting out barred, so the other tried to start a fight instead of taking the loss with style. In the judging diz said if you react like that to your opponent then you automatically take the loss. that whole battle was diz reacting, so even by his own logic he lost.

        Disappointed i didn't get to see dude throw a beer can at the crowd though.
      1. GTFX's Avatar
        GTFX -
        great job on the production KOTD. Arcane 3-0 as well, It was Diz vs Diz Vs Arcane.
      1. Lungzz's Avatar
        Lungzz -
        I feel like Diz let the fame get to his head a bit.

        I have Arcane taking round 1.
        Great material from him; Dizaster actually had some moments of brilliance as well but he stuck to one concept,
        which I feel ultimately hurt him.

        Also points taken away in round 2 for Diz riding Drake's dick after telling Arcane that's what he'd probably do.
        Very hard round to get through...Arcane's rebuttle started off his round well...Diz also started with a rebuttle in round 2,
        though it wasn't quite up to par.

      1. Duh Great Whyte's Avatar
        Duh Great Whyte -
        whos the chick arcane throws in diz's face in the beginning of the battle alaina or whatever or however u spell it? anyone know?
      1. Doodles's Avatar
        Doodles -
        I don't care what anyone says !

        This is my opinion !

        Dizaster is dizaster ! He is always like this ! What were people not expecting him to flip out at booing and a cheating cunt standing in front of him ?

        The whole battle was a fix ! Organic didn't look surprised ! He tried but failed to look surprised !

        Dizaster knew he wasn't going to win !

        Dizaster in my opinion took the 1st and 3rd ! With cheating out-of-mind.
      1. Doodles's Avatar
        Doodles -
        Quote Originally Posted by krobbins View Post
        hard to watch at times. Battle had so much potential and came up short due to diz's long intro... Not explaining the buying bars situation well, diz acting like a bitch throughout, the crowd overreacting to arc and shittin' on diz. Some good bars and had its moments but had the potential to be a big time classic, best of kotd battle and was annoying and average in the end.
        how the fuck can a battle come up short at the start of a battle ? What the fuck are you talking about ?
      1. Shini's Avatar
        Shini -
        The only judge that didn't sugar coat the issue with the evidence was Shotty Horrah. This was also super editied, too. If Dizaster would of just been crowd winning Dizaster rounds 1 and 2 and then dropped the bomb in 3. Arc would have totally gotten sandboxed.
      1. Doodles's Avatar
        Doodles -
        W h y

        d o e s

        i t

        t a k e

        s o m e o n e

        f o r e i g n

        t o

        t e l l

        t h e

        t. R. U. T. H.
      1. Doodles's Avatar
        Doodles -
        S h o t t y

        h o r r o r
      1. Doodles's Avatar
        Doodles -
        Quote Originally Posted by Duh Great Whyte View Post
        whos the chick arcane throws in diz's face in the beginning of the battle alaina or whatever or however u spell it? anyone know?
        I ' m sure he was talking to Pat Stay , he 's probably fucking someone he went with or something
      1. Scartown's Avatar
        Scartown -
        Shotty knew what was up.
        Decision was fine as diz was garbage but shotty said it best at the end. "It's a battle, you're suppose to write your own shit"
      1. ConstantNoise's Avatar
        ConstantNoise -
        That crowd was disgusting a bunch of dickriding Arcane fans. I feel for Dizaster,He might have gone overboard with the whining but I would have flipped out too Arcane pulled a very unethical move, and imo one of the worst things you can do in this industry, its pathetic.

        SB - VanCity - 604
      1. Droppinknowledge69's Avatar
        I've been saying forever how this KOTD Belt has lost all credibility...fast forward to this.

        They both lost.

        This was a bad look for EVERYBODY. Coming from a guy that has never liked Diz and probably never will I will be the first to say that crowd was an absolute embarrassment. KOTD crowds always act accordingly...but jesus christ that was one of the worst crowds ever. Listen Diz came out the way he always does...more antics than bars...that's nothing out of the ordinary. There WERE bars from Diz that would under normal KOTD Crowd circumstances would have gotten serious reactions and they went so the other way they actually boo'd some of his okay stuff. Fast forward to Arcane spitting something about The Clippers and the crowd goes BANANAS! That bar was so simple, forced, corny, and wack. Which are the four words I'd use to describe Arcane. When I see everybody shouting 3-0 this and 3-0 that I'm expecting a BODY...then I watch the battle and wonder what the fuck everyone was watching.

        Neither one of them won any rounds. It was 0-0. Just an all around bad look for everybody including KOTD as a whole.
      1. Flamazide's Avatar
        Flamazide -
        Lol@ people being confused with Dizaster's intro.

        Pat Stay: What does that mean?

        God there are so many unintentional funny moments in this battle already that I didn't catch on the Ustream

        *Organik tries to quiet the crowd down* *asks Pat Stay for help*
        Pat Stay: *does orchestra thing* ...*disappointed look on his face when nothing happens*

        I still haven't decided if Dizaster's breakdown in round 2 is funny or sad.

        I will say that the crowd for this battle is weird since KOTD crowds NEVER boo. Ness Lee choked in this same event and didn't get booed, but Dizaster does?

        If Dizaster did what he did in the 3rd round all throughout the battle he wouldn't have been destroyed like this.

        ...He still lost that round though.
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