• 2013 Ground Zero Grand Prix Sign Ups

      By filling out the form below you agree to the following tournament rules and regulations.

      - 3x90s Rounds
      - $100 Entry Fee Per MC
      - Must Have A Valid Passport And Access To Both Canada & USA At All Times
      - Must Be 18 Years Of Age
      - Must Be Available For All Dates. Failure To Show Will Result In Suspension From KOTD
      - Must Have At Least 1 KOTD/GZ Battle
      - Tournament Exclusivity Agreement Upon Signing Up

      Event Dates *Subject To Change*
      R1 - March,9th,2013
      R2 - May,11,2013
      R3 - July,6,2013
      R4 - Sept,7,2013
      Finals - Nov.23,2013

      To Sign Up Please Click The Link Below And Fill Out The Form.

      Comments 18 Comments
      1. sTeP eAsY's Avatar
        sTeP eAsY -
        Should be dope.
      1. SnapTite's Avatar
        SnapTite -
        lets do this!!!
      1. KingFly's Avatar
        KingFly -
        this grand prix should be amazing
      1. kinaze's Avatar
        kinaze -
        who do you think will get in?

        heres my pick from T.O.

        teddy kgb
        crumm the cancerous
        realiztic (ONLY IF HE BRINGS DMX)
        chris tipsy
        kinaze (me)

        special mentions
        emccee bill and fork farm (both deserve a spot, but will they want to enter? they were in the actual grand prix...)

        tycoon tax- but hes already in kotd elite

        c dunne/postal they racked up a LOT of wins. they're prolly 1 body bag from being put into KOTD elite. will they wanna put themselves in a GZ tournament where they go up against opponents that CAN possibly beat them?
      1. ChrisTipsy's Avatar
        ChrisTipsy -
        Why would C dunne or Postal not want in tho really? Who ever you face in the GP, That opponent will clearly have a chance to beat you. Im sure every match the select will have purpose. They will allign the brackets To make for the most exciting tourny possible. Or it might jus be fully random who the fack knows
      1. 100 Bulletz's Avatar
        100 Bulletz -
        This is gonna be dope! Some good matches should come of it! And $1500 will have dude MAD hungry.

        Vancouver/ L.A Division gonna be STACKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Toronto division gotta try to hold it down.

        Calgary divis...

        nevermind tbh
      1. Angerville's Avatar
        Angerville -
        Sick shit lets go!
      1. Illiterate's Avatar
        Illiterate -
        I'd put a hell of a lot of money down on somebody from the West Coast conference winning this shit...
      1. Flamazide's Avatar
        Flamazide -
        What is this World Battle GP you mentioned?
      1. KingFly's Avatar
        KingFly -
        Quote Originally Posted by Flamazide View Post
        What is this World Battle GP you mentioned?
        more information will be released about that next year. its a pretty fucking sick idea for sure though
      1. Ruthless's Avatar
        Ruthless -
        Wow, i feel sorry for van and calgary dont think any of those dude can fucks wit T.o or LA's' Gz roster ,watch out for KP' tho
      1. Century Sam's Avatar
        Century Sam -
        Quote Originally Posted by Ruthless View Post
        Wow, i feel sorry for van and calgary dont think any of those dude can fucks wit T.o or LA's' Gz roster ,watch out for KP' tho
        ruthless, u entering?
      1. stretchnev's Avatar
        stretchnev -
        Watch for Pigsty and Rupert Common outta the west man...
      1. C-Dunne's Avatar
        C-Dunne -
        Much respect Kinaze. I'll be sitting out for this one unfortunately. I got some work that I need to put into other things before I hop back into the ring. That being said, I'll be watching every step of the way. This Grand Prix is gonna be fucking filthy, I'm more stoked to see this than I was the 2012 Elite. Lotta dope cats that are sure to not disappoint. Good luck to those chosen!
      1. KingFly's Avatar
        KingFly -
        52 sign ups so far
      1. C-Dunne's Avatar
        C-Dunne -
        Scratch that shit. Tipsy's right, I can't miss out on this! I put my submission in, let's see if I make the cut. Gonna be a dope tourney.
      1. SpytE's Avatar
        SpytE -
        Just signed up for this in the VANCITY division. 30604 LETS GO!
      1. dontpraiseme's Avatar
        dontpraiseme -
        Quote Originally Posted by SpytE View Post
        Just signed up for this in the VANCITY division. 30604 LETS GO!
        you spit that heat that turns sand people to glass. have at 'em, spyte.
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